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laura latham

Laura Latham is a young fashion designer raised in Liverpool, who creates luxurious feminine garments. She enjoys manipulating fabrics to form soft yet structured shapes that flatter the female figure. Inspired by art and fashion from past eras, Laura creates designs with a modern twist on historical imagery and techniques and always designs with a young female market in mind. She is highly skilled in design, manufacture and hand sewing. The combination of these technical strengths and her passion for design definitely make her one to watch out for in the future. Her Spring Summer 2013 collection is based upon the human anatomy and references the shapes of feminine underwear of the 1950’s. Specifically the visuals from the historical books ‘De Humani Corporis Fabrica’ by Andreas Vesalius and ‘Tabulae Sceleti et

laura latham

Musculorum Corporis Humani’ by Bernard Siegfried Albinus. Inspired by the contrasting layers of the body from the soft, intertwining muscles to the hard, structured skeleton, Laura started to use the fabric manipulation technique ‘Canadian Smocking’. Experimenting with this in various sizes and fabrics, she has created diverse shapes and structures in soft silk chiffons, leathers and suede’s. The collection for Spring Summer 2013 features harness strap details, as a reference to restraint, of the skeleton in the body, and gives the feminine collection a harder edge.