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hannah cho

A recent graduate of the prestigious Parsons University in New York City, Hannah Cho's collection was inspired by The concept of modern day Mental Institutes seen through the eyes of an architect. For this collection Hannah adopted the role of an architect and draped, constructed and sketched her perception of the emotions that are evoked in people who live and work in mental institutes. When it comes to creating garments Hannah adopts a minimalist architectural style to her concepts and designs, using her skills in draping and pattern cutting to construct and interpret her concepts. Her firm belief is that every step of the design process is equally important. When

hannah cho

defining the textile story she went into various fabric stores with the question “What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a mental institute?” She ended up with a colour story of all white with hints of mint - her interpretation of the green colour of hospital scrubs. High quality Vinyl was used in place of latex and linen was used in place of gauze. The results can be seen in the collection.