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Dinu Bodiciu is a Romanian born, London based, Fashion Designer. In 2011 he was awarded a Master's Degree in Fashion Design and Technology from The London College of Fashion. Influenced by work experience, in theatre, which spanned more than 10 years, his work is focused on the human body, shapes and particularities, its unspoken language and posture. He perceives the garment as an extension of the body with focus being given to its ‘organic’ nature. The MA collection started with the concept of mirroring: the way the body is perceived when looking in a mirror. Because the image, in the mirror, is not an exact copy of reality - it loses the body's 3D element, thus the attention falls on the body parts right in front of us. The collection concentrates on all the

dinu bodiciu

front details of the coat (shoulders, colours, sleeves), leaving the back-part completely blank. Playing with the perception, the collection has a "flatness" quality, but at the same time takes on a sculptural form. An important aspect of the collection are the fabrics. Since the collection was focused on the human body all the fabrics used have an 'organic' nature, and a bodily, visceral quality close to skin colors.

Photography: Cristopher Agius Burke. Model: Lenotine. Agency: First Model Management Hair / Makeup: Kayoko Kishi