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diana kim

Diana Kim is a New York based, womenswear designer who recently graduated with a BFA from the prestigious Parsons School for Design. Her designs express deep and complicated human emotions. She connects characteristics of nature with human emotions; and uses neutral earth toned fabrics to accentuate the easy flowing fabrics of the female form. Her designs effortlessly melt into the shape of the female body for optimal comfort, yet her meticulous cuts maintain their elegance. Her senior thesis collection demonstrated the natural healing process of human emotions Just as the

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tides of ocean waves erase the marks on the sand shore, pains of our emotional past will eventually heal. This healing process results in a maturity of character which are subsequently expressed in the designs. Sophisticated elegance, with the power of maturity represents the women who would wear this collection. Her inspiration comes from the ordinary life; whether it be the rocks that rest at the bottom of the ocean or the sand that fill the beach shore - she adopts beauty from the nature.