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daryver guzman

Daryver Guzman is a graduate of the prestigious Parsons New School For Design, in New York City. Her passion for fashion and design began early on in life influenced by her mother and grandmother who would regularly make beautiful garments, including her birthday dress every year. Daryver was born in the Dominican Republic in 1990 and started her fashion studies in 2009 when she enrolled in Altos de Chavon School of Design. In 2011, after finishing the AAS program in Fashion Design, she transferred to Parsons where she completed a BFA in Fashion Design. The concept of her senior thesis collection titled; Distortion Of Self is her own interpretation of the distortion of human identity through science fiction movies. Based on her belief that most science fiction movies are a translation of real situations and thus they project cover-up identities to communicate subliminal messages. In order to complement this topic,

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daryver guzman

She used the motive of a laser-cut fingerprints with varied placements over some of the collection pieces The idea being that fingerprints are the most significant part of a person's unique. The actual prints were sponsored by Transprint USA and their AirdyeŽ technology which is a sustainable technique of printing fabrics, without the use of water, therefore saving water and reducing energy and costs requirements. Exploring organic silhouettes with stiff structures was one of the key ideas for this collection. This can be seen in the garments where leather is applied on the outer fabric which are then finished using the laser-cutting fingerprint treatment. The majority of Daryver's projects are geared towards concepts related to human existence and behaviours, showing her interest in psychology, communicated through fashion.