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cat patterson

Cat Patterson, is a British born designer, who grew up in Lancashire - the daughter of a Norwegian descended mother and an Irish father. she moved to London three years ago to study Womenswear at The London College of Fashion; after completing a Foundation Degree in Art and Design. She has illustrated shows for David Koma, William Tempest and Romeo Pires at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, after interning with Ioannis Dimitrousis, a heavily crafted hand crochet designer. Being a Finalist in the Cutler and Gross Competition and Barrett and Lawson Trimmings Award, she explored new forms of design through Cutler and Grossí 0734 frame. Her graduate collection titled "Glitter With Substance" was inspired by the history and culture of The Democratic Rebuplic of Congo. The collection exposes the exploitations through

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cat patterson

the imposition of westernisation by rebelling against it, through designing an unexpected style. The clothing makes evident the conflict between the Western and African culture by deconstructing and then fusing the elements together in a contrasting way. The accessories of the collection were inspired from various Congolese Chiefs and statues which would have extremely embellished leg and arm pieces alongside headpieces. Cat graduated with a first in BA ( Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear, after participating in LCF 2012ís press show; she is now working on numerous independent projects and starting her next collection.